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This is interesting. The debate mentioned mantis shrimp, which have more photoreceptors than humans, and who can see a wider range of the electromagnetic spectrum than we can.

The assumption has been that those receptors meant that they could see more colors than us. Turns out they can't. Their color vision is actually less sensitive than ours. The difference is that their receptors can set off their super-fast claws without bothering with little things like sending the signals to the brain for processing and decision making.

So their vision is actually worse. The part that gets to their brain, that is. But the vision apparatuses that send grab signals directly to the claws are pretty impressive. but they have nothing to do with "seeing" as we think of it.

Here is the link:

Since I am supposed to be helping moderate the debate, I won't make any other comments. I sure would like to though.
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