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If one googles DNA and code, one gets hundreds of responses on both sides of the aisle about whether DNA is a code or not.

If it does qualify as a code, that doesn't prove it had an external source. Nor does DNA not being a code prove that no intelligent design was involved.

But stupid humans can turn DNA into something that is definitely code and when we do, one gram of the stuff can be used to hold 700 terabytes of data. That's 14,000 Blue-ray movies.

Note that it doesn't even have to be alive to do this. In fact, it would be dead and still stable for thousand of years, much more so than any currently available storage technology. So it is the structure, not the life that makes this possible.

But also note that using fullerenes, a two dimensional carbon based, man-made material, we may be able to store more in less space. Which would make us smarter than our so-called "intelligent designer". If fullerenes are more efficient, why weren't humans made out of one atom thick carbon? We would have worked fine. Though wind may have been problematic.

This discussion is going nowhere because both sides can find support for their POV. At least for the coding part. And of course Godexists has no trouble going to a few ID sites and finding folks who insist that the code proves that an intelligent designer (ironically, code for "god") is behind it all.

We don't have enough information yet. People one both sides are drawing very different conclusions. We'll ignore for a minute that one side is huge (science) and the other side is tiny (ID). There are two points of view. (And I'm talking the number of scientists on each side, not the number of religious adherents vs. atheists.)

Anyway, this particular line of thought is going nowhere. As one who is mostly reading the exchanges, I would appreciate it if you guys could find something more exciting to disagree about. Getting back to organelles or something else at the cellular level would offer new opportunities for name calling and such, which is apparently why we're all here anyway.

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