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I did some Google searching and there is a literal mountain of articles, papers, arguments, counter arguments, examples of dating, dozens of different dating methods, etc etc. Should I just believe that you are correct and be done with it?

What are the sources? Intellectual or stifled? Educated or wistful? Open-minded or empty-minded?

And of course you should believe me.

Just kidding. You need to find out for yourself. Just make sure your standards are high enough to justify the effort. Because if you'll settle for the simple shit that we are telling you is wrong, and if you avoid our side of the story out of fear, then you're wasting your time.

Do you have any idea how big a conspiracy science would have to be to be as wrong as you're hoping it is? How many millions of hours of research would have to be deliberately wrong in order for the story of our past to be as fake as you are saying it is. Can you imagine how many researchers, working in laboratories, out in the field, at the bottom of the ocean, in the guts of ostriches and aardvarks, with test tubes in hand, hooking up meters and instruments and studying radiation and tiny little genes, each and every one faking it just to discredit that minority of christians who are saying the earth is young? Can you actually imagine that many human being either deliberately lying, or being lied too so effectively that their own research cannot disprove that which you think is a lie?

Of course the Internet can provide you with alternatives. All of which we can give detailed responses to. All of which we can tell you are wrong if they say the planet is young, the dinosaurs recent, the flood real or life instantly created. In the United States, 25% of the population doesn't know that the earth is in orbit around the sun. The think that the sun goes around the earth. That is the level of ignorance we are up against. And when melded with a literal interpretation of the bible, the stupid gets so bad it makes the world stink.

If you're going to believe in god, fine. Do it. I can't argue against that belief because nobody religious will give us enough to argue against. But if you are going to make claims about a young earth and your whole life depends on it, then you are in trouble. Because to do that, you have to ignore knowledge and find, hidden the the crevices of fear, those shards of hope that you so desperately need. That is your only source for evidence, because nothing real can be included. So here you sit, proclaiming that you have found crap but that it isn't crap, but in fact something worth considering. When it isn't. Because the sources stink.

I wish you could at least go all catholic on your own ass. Say that yes, evolution has occurred, but god did it. Then we can get back to having trivial arguments about god himself rather than spending years fending off your thousands of posts to the contrary.

But you'll never do that, and of course we'll never reach you. You are holding yourself out at arms length, adhering to the petty while rejecting the solid, prancing around in the wasteland of your limited and religious POV, proud thinking that you've got it right and puzzled as to why others can't see that which is so obvious to you.

So now you have a bunch of people caught up with you in the trite little argument, spending hours and hours is an alleged discussion, when each and every one of us actually has better things to do. But hey, that's the Internet for you. And it requires fools, otherwise the rest of us wouldn't look very smart. So thanks for your service.

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