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I am not scared off.

I have answered the questions.
It is not my fault if people don't like my answers. But, don't pretend I never answer questions.

I noticed this is the tactic of the internet atheist:

1) Atheists ask theists a question.
2) Theist gives answer.
3) Atheists say theists didn't answer.

Let me get this straight. You said if you went back in time, you would kill baby Hitler. I said that I would go back and treat him better so that he would be a nicer person. Your response was that kids who are loved kill all the time, and that lots of sometimes people kill their parents for the inheritance. Yep, that happens. What it has to do with Hitler I don't know. Then you went into a tirade about huge amounts of money and how ballplayers are spoiled. Which you brought up again later, even though none of us said anything about large amounts of money. 12 did mention money, but only in saying that you obviously had enough to buy a computer. Then you said atheists obviously kill all of their parents because they have no morals, and when I said I wasn't in prison because I hadn't killed my parents, you told me that Charles Manson has a computer, which apparently negated my niceness and had me kill off my folks between posts.

Aaron asked you about the statistics showing how much worse we atheists were by showing us the statistics for jailed nonbelievers. You've ignored that. And you also ignored my suggestion that we just abort Hitler instead of kill him in his crib.

You have made sure that the conversation goes all over the place, and concentrated on the irrelevant rather than the relevant. You change the subject, and ignore the subject, and pretend there isn't a subject, more than I can personally believe.

Explain why the baseball player should be discussed more than the thought of aborting Hitler. That would really help your case if you could put it into perspective.
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