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I'm not quite sure what the fallacy of the divinity of christ is. Well, I know what those words mean, but I've never heard the term before. I didn't become an atheist because of it. So you are making some assumptions here that may not be appropriate. Well, that are not appropriate.

I do not limit my atheism to your god. I apply it to all past, present and future gods. So the list of folks I disagree with is far longer than the one you proposed.  And unless one or more of those gods can actually show up, instead of relying on old stories as proof of their existence, I ain't gonna buy any of the myths.

If you want to be another groupie, that's your option. Just don't expect that because you think it is true that everyone else will agree with you. And don't expect that if you agree with a lot of people that all of you must be right.

Just jumping on the bandwagon is no guarantee that it will take you where you want to go.
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