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I admit these things will not likely convince someone who against even the idea of a biblical God.

It isn't the idea that i, as an atheist am against. It is the mismatch between reality and the bible that I am concerned about. They can't both be true.
What if reality is somewhat different than you imagine that it should be?  What if you were able to have insight into something beyond this 3 dimensional world and it suddenly made more sense to you?  Not even in a scientifically provable way.  Can you imagine a scenario where you'd believe?
I tend to think that people's expectations of what God should be like, decide whether they will believe or not.

First of all, I have no illusion about my perceptions being accurate. The most we humans can hope for is perception that is good enough for us to survive. There are so many unknowns in this universe, including an almost infinite number of things that we will never know. So I sort of see a need to a) make a note of those things that seem consistent and real and b) not make everything else up.

The likelihood of ancients having a better handle on whatever the truth may be than us is unlikely. A god being involved is even more unlikely. So I am not going to have any expectations of your god, or any other, until something far more likely than a several thousand year old book is the source of such claims.

In the meantime, the mysteries of existence, both real and imagined, shall fascinate me. But I'll wait for the folks with the best track record to do the explaining, when there is explaining to do. And the unexplained? I shall calmly accept that not everything has or will have an explanation, and go on with my life, happy to know enough to survive for awhile.

But then, I ain't limping, so I don't need crutches.

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