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Science would have to be one huge frickin' conspiracy to come up with so many claims that fly in the face of religion. Science would have to be a global cabal to pull off all the trickery if none of it were true.

And theists make no effort to learn about what they consider to be the enemy. I'm not afraid to look at the bible and read a story I'm told about, but they can't make the effort to pick up a science book for love nor money. Oh, they'll look at web sites that have already told them to discount various ideas and stuff, but not at anything of value.

They ask us to open our hearts to let in Jesus while they would not more open their minds and let in information than they would cavort with the devil on a Saturday night. Heck, they'd do that first, because they know they have their free get out of jail card for doing that. They have no way to get out of learning something.

So I fear that no matter how simple we make it for them, we can't make it simple enough. Excuses know no bounds if it is bounds you are trying to get around.

If fundamentalists had a leg to stand on, the evidence ratio between science/fundies wouldn't be 10,000,000,000:1. They have something to go on that would make us call our own truths into question.

Theists are afraid, I guess. At least the fundy ones for whom there is no support in any of reality. The Catholics can handle information, even though they have to put asterisks all over the place and say that god started it all, etc. At least they don't haul out discredited dinosaur/human footprint examples as a final proof of their being right.

People like Skep claim that they have the truth, and they are confused when their endless series of 30 word posts are called deficient. I guess this is because in their simple world, they don't need detail, they don't need formulas, they don't need results, they don't need explanations. They only need five or six words that ostensibly back up their POV, and that seem, to them, to crush we dreaded atheists in our tracks.

When the only evidence for a young earth you have is an immature mind, there is no hope. The target audience I was hoping to reach (amongst believers) in this thread does not exist. They are too busy hoping that none of reality is real so that they can enjoy whatever is real for an eternity. Screw 'em if they can't take a fact.

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