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It is obvious that the Jesus believers are corrupted by noodle demons.

Many claim to be touched by the FSM.

So, who is the real god?



What evidence is there?

Since we know spaghetti is material in nature, we know spaghetti can not be the cause of the universe. It's ridiculous to think so.

God is immaterial.

There is a difference. The Flying Spaghetti Monster has contingent qualities and properties.

Fuck you skeptic. All you can do is play these silly games talking trivial shit like this. You ignore long, serious posts from people, and get entangled in meaningless crap where you get to act all haughty and shit. I suggest to all members that we give this asshole a wide berth. Quit trying to talk to him, because he has no interest in any meaningful conversation. He only wants to waste as much bandwidth as he can with his ego.

Screw you, Septic. Take a flying fucking leap.
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