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First of all, I want to commend you for being responsive to our questions and putting effort into explaining your position. If all theists who come here were able to do the same thing, we could have some fine conversations even as we disagreed with each other completely. Alas, that is seldom the case. Thank you for doing your part in keeping this both civil and useful.

That being said, I, as an atheist, have no particular reason to believe what you are saying about healing. I am not accusing you of lying, but I tend to think that you either misremember the incidents or that your beliefs have caused you to reinterpret the past to fit your version of reality. I am not saying I am absolutely right and that you are absolutely wrong. I am just telling you what my response to your healing stories is in this case.

If indeed you have a been involved with such healings, it seems that you have found a magic combination that so many believers don't know about. In my almost long life I've watched people pray for healings many dozens of times without noticeable results. I'm not talking about colds and rashes, I'm talking about serious stuff, like your daughters hearing and your osteoporosis story. (In an earlier post you defined healing as faster than natural. But in these two cases, and perhaps the third, undefined medical condition, 'natural' healing for those conditions doesn't exist. Getting better is not normal, especially with hearing and osteoporosis problems. So you might think about extending your definition to cover situations where such reversals are not medically expected). If one or both or all three of these healing actually happened, it seems that first of all, you and your brethren should be hanging around hospitals 24/7 and providing humanity a great service.And with such proof in hand, you should be leading sincere efforts to redefine christianity in the shape of your version, since it is so demonstrably effective.

I'm not surprised to hear that doctors are sometimes confronted with healing and recovery that they didn't expect. I have a very non-religious friend who recently survived colon cancer, and when she we declared cancer free, her doctor told her that frankly, he didn't think she would live three more months when he first saw her. No prayer was involved, just real serious chemo and radiation therapy and stuff. So Christian intervention doesn't appear to be a necessity, either for healing or for surprising doctors.

In any case, your claims qualify as fantastic, and if you have really been involved in actual, non-medical healings, you owe it to the world to take your message far. Much further, by the way, then you will ever get it while participating here. But if you are indeed involved in facilitating the production of miracles, and if you consider humans important, you need to find a way to spread the word. Simply holding bible and saying it is true is woefully inadequate. Too many have tried that and failed/split their congregation/caused wars. You need to set about finding humans in need of healing, stand in front of the medical community and the press, tell them that you are about to ask god to heal the person, and then do it. Over and over until all doubt is erased. Surely there are enough good people (especially children) on this planet in need of your god-given talents to justify such an endeavor. And even if it happens that your god isn't big on media coverage and doing it openly will fail, you should be working behind the scenes, again 24/7, to heal the kids at Shriners hospitals, in war torn African countries, in drone-attacked muslim countries, in proverty-stricken parts of the U.S. and elsewhere.

If you feel rewarded because of your involvement in the three healing you mentioned, imagine how rewarded you will feel after your first hundred healing. Your first thousand. And how grateful family after family will be as you help, through your god, make people whole again. I don't even care about the amputee thing. Heal some more deaf kids. That would be marvelous.

Do it enough, and all of us will become believers.
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