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A righteous and holy God can accept nothing less than perfection into his kingdom. So how can mere man full of sin be accepted. By what Jesus did at Calvary, he suffered, bled and died there for our sins to be washed away. You see, when God sees a  born again Christian, who is also full of sin and imperfections, he doesn't see us, he sees the blood of Jesus on us and that makes us perfect. A bride fit for the bridegroom, as the Bible says.

That people believe this stuff astonished me. That your world has to be so small, and so perfectly explained as real, serves no purpose other than to satisfy your ego. Thinking that people are bad because the misinformed duo blew it takes reality out of the picture and makes fixing our problems that much harder.

Perfect gods who create imperfect world, even if by proxy, aren't quite as perfect as you want them to be. If he is real and Eden was real and Adam and Eve were real, he placed the entire fate of mankind in the hands of a newbie, and he didn't even tell Eve too. Rather, he depended on a guy to pass accurate information on to his wife, something that is still hard to do today.

He didn't think it through, his omnipotence was insufficient and a bat-shit crazy snake spent more time talking than your god did.

Again, if he is real, we either have the outcome he wanted in the first place (he had to see it coming and be happy with it) or he's just no good at his job and he overlooked a couple of details. Again if real, why he didn't start over again and send Noah and the family permanently skinny dipping along with the rest of us, I don't know. Again, his omnipotence should have been a bit more informative than it appears to have been.

Christians who swallow the story are hell-bent on keeping it simple and keeping it stupid, and are therefore tasked with the job of trying to make an idiotic story appear to be full of wisdom and stuff. Since there is none, you guys have to go through amazing contortions to make the tale seem plausible.

That we can't even get any two of you to tell the same story is revealing. That each of you has customized it a bit with your own versions regarding which parts were the most important should be a clue to each and every one of you that this stuff wasn't real. But instead, you all go along on your merry way, mesmerized by your various inaccurate versions of the truth, and doing christian yoga by patting yourselves on the back.

We're not impressed. Live with it. Because a perfect god who can't do it right has issues. And a non-existent god who didn't do a thing is much more likely. Well, only a 100% more likely, but that's enough for me.
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