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What this really all boils down to is the credulous Christian (religious) mind-set of "we just have to know right now!" So, if scientists don't know something (or wherever there are gaps in human knowledge) they just fill it with their deity God thing instead of admitting ignorance until sufficient evidence comes in. And they do this because they have assumed (via hearsay) their bible is 'the Word of God'. It's really no different from what other religions do.

The Argument from Incredulity Fallacy is still irrational Christians.

It is a little worse than that. Believers have to know "something" right now, and it doesn't matter what it is as long as it matches their hoped for/presumed/otherwise invalid reality.

It is ironic. Christians have a commandment that tells them not to lie, but they must lie, to themselves (as well as to each other), for the whole thing to work.

So they think that their best argument (evolution can't be true because I don't like it!) is solid.

One way to tell which POV is true, religion or evolution, is to look at how many variations there are of each. Religions come in thousands of forms, and christianity itself comes in tens of thousands of forms. But while the specifics of evolution occasionally spin off variations (whether or not birds evolved from dinosaurs, for instance), overall the evidence and the research and the conclusions that have been reached are incredibly consistent and in agreement with each other. Especially when matched with other sciences, such as biology and geology and chemistry, which have all made myriad discoveries that match up with evolutionary theory quite nicely.

In other words, if we had 38,000 varieties of evolution the way we have of christianity, we would be in as much trouble with the truth as believers are.

Actual evidence keeps us in line. So we don't need any frickin' commandments telling us not to lie. We're honest in the first place.
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