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How much intellectual work did you put into rejecting the possibility that the hindu gods were real, or the gods of the Kenyan Kikuyu peoples, or the Dogon, or any given native American gods? Was that a big mental exercise for you, where you seriously considered every one before deciding they were not real? Or did you just shrug your shoulders and say "Of course those gods aren't real?"

If it was the latter, that is exactly how I rejected any possibility that the christian god is real. It actually takes very little effort to come to ones senses.

There may be some atheists on this site who are interested in the history of christianity and apologetics and all that stuff. But it is not a universal trait amongst us atheists, and you may or may not get a satisfactory discussion out of the deal.

Oh, and if we atheists are less scientific than catholics, that probably means that when catholics burned scientists at the stake that was merely an experiment in rapid decomposition. Something I've never felt enough interest in to justify killing other human beings for. But I guess I should look at the scientific papers they wrote up after doing in Bruno or something. They might have added to the literature.
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