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Your faith is in science. Mine is in God. I have personal evidence to build a faith in God. You choose to imagine anything but God. This is where we differ. Don't get into this part though. Rather admit, short of introducing you personally to my friend God, you would reject whatever I offer. For some of you a personal introduction would still not be enough.

Make no mistake about it. If he ever showed up on my doorstep, he would get a ear full. He would be asked point blank how it is that he, a perfect being, made humans nicer than he is. And why. He would be asked why he has played absentee parent for these last many thousands of years, and why he made it so easy to think that he didn't exist. He would be asked why the suffering of the innocent was of no concern, and why he allowed the mighty and powerful and selfish to predominate and damage. He would be asked where he was during the inquisition and the holocaust, where he was during hurricanes and tsunami's, where he was when every child ever murdered was dying.

And he would be asked why he thought he was so great. Why did he demand worship when all he offered in return was an old book and old men with old ideas. Why he didn't keep up with the transformation of humans from shepherds to astronauts. And he would be asked why he made the earth look different than one would expect if his story were true. And why he allowed so many deviations from whatever it was he originally intended. And why the Adam and Eve thing was so frickin' important, and why he wasn't able to handle the errors of human ways in a different manner other than flooding the place, and why he let his people wander around lost for 40 years. He would be asked why he was afraid of iron chariots.

And more.

He would have a lot to answer for before he dared ask me to worship him.

But if he doesn't exist, well, you know, never mind.
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