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Nope, not gonna happen.  we are quibbling over the definition of a word.  I believe you are an atheist I am an agnostic atheist and I believe that most claimed atheists are agnostic atheists or weak atheists.  Like my friend i do find the strongest sense of the word atheist is a very rare person.  Probably self absorbed and cock sure of himself.  but even dawkins (spelling) admitts to be only 99.99999% atheist.  that leaves a small amount of room for the existence of god.  I myself am 99.99999% sure the bible is wrong, and 99.9% sure there are no gods or dieties or magic, or unicorns...  I am not 100% sure because I am not so arrogant as to say I know for a fact that I know enough to answer with authority on the absolute absence of god.

You will have to take me at my word but I am not misrepresenting myself.

I have a question, epidemic.

In a hypothetical world that had no gods in the first place, and where nobody had ever suggested or heard of a god, where the word atheist was not even needed because nobody had ever thought of god things, would their non-stance on their non-god situation still be a belief?
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