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If someone says that it is possible to squeeze a gallon of oil out of a penny, and you know that is not true, are you then saddled with the belief that is impossible to get a gallon of oil out of a penny, or is the oil thing merely someone else's claim that you have dismissed. If it is the latter, you do not have a belief on the subject, merely an opinion.

I happen to believe that there are members of the world-wide economic community in which I reside that do not have my best interests at heart. That colors my view of economic aspects of my life. Whether it is true or not. But my lack of a bellef in a god does not color my reality in a similar way. It merely removes deities from my list of things to consider in life. That is why it is not a belief.

Atheism is a non-process. The word tells others that those of us who identify as such do not take gods into consideration. The word says nothing else about us.
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