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I should be well schooled in evolution by now participating on this forum with all the experts on the subject.  You buy right into it because you don't want there to be a God or a Creator.  I do.  So yes I will question what I know to be so about Evolution.  I don't have the time to take a biology class to learn this stuff nor the desire to do so.  I catch as much as I can on the Science channel and that's as far as I'm willing to go.  I am also very open to anything on the subject you wish to share.

While you were responding to median in the above quote, since he and I see eye to eye in most things, I feel qualified to respond too. The part I'm zeroing in on is bolded.

Whether I don't want or you do want a god is irrelevant. If there is a god, I could spend my whole life wishing otherwise and he wouldn't go away. If there isn't a god, you can spend your whole life wanting for there to be one, but he won't appear. While I can only assume that median and the other atheists here would be with me on this, I know I am an atheist because I have seen no evidence of a god, not because I don't want there to be one. So if you are thinking that you are arguing with atheists because we just don't want god to be real, then you are arguing with what you imagine us to be, rather than what we actually are. That can't end well. And it accomplishes nothing.

Every version of evolution I have encountered says all life began in the ocean.  Decided to grow legs and eventually headed for land.  Is this true or false?  If true then my question about the process is very legitimate.

And if this is your understanding of evolution, then you are doing the same thing. Assuming you understand/know what something is and arguing based on that assumption. Evolution does not have any decision making process. And while it is  quite possible, even probably, that life began in the ocean, we don't know that for sure and may never know it. We do know, even without the details, that our story is a big improvement over Eden and other creation stories, which haven't a single fact attached. And we also know that we are going to continue to learn about life and its origins as we study the subject and learn more about all those little tiny bits and pieces that make for living cells. Which is more fun to learn about if you can get the cruft out of your head. The stuff that is so wrong it is doing you no good whatsoever. Like thinking that things decided to grow legs and head for land.

So false, and your question was not legitimate.

Charlottes Web is more accurate about arachnology than you are about evolution. (And by the way, the Science Channel is more interested in selling advertising space than it is in giving you accurate information. You would do well to learn the difference between being entertained and being educated.)
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