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I sometimes have "feelings" that I am doing something wrong as I try to fix a broken machine or do some other chore. But I have found over time that it is not a gut feeling, but a brain feeling. Where some part of my head is able to instill a nagging doubt in my head when brain cells which I apparently don't have direct contact with (keeping in mind that I'm old) are trying to tell me that it is the fuel line, not the carburetor. And in hindsight, I find those feeling are right about half the time.

What are the odds? Huh?

I've had several occasions in my life when the woman I was with at the time said accusingly "You're cheating on me. I just know it!." But I wasn't. Nobody's tummy is good at filling in the blanks. I suggest you find other ways to learn and/or make decisions. Everyone around you will be happier if you do.
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