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I'm here mostly for fun. Needless to say this indicates that I don't have much of a life. So while I certainly agree with the lofty ideals of the OP and all, I'm not so naïve as to think that we'll make great strides in the repair of ignorance.

I do enjoy hearing the many excuses of the theists, offered disguised as theology. In the christian case, one book cannot possibly have all those meanings. But billions of wishful-thinking believers somehow conjure up pimped versions daily. It is quite entertaining to be fed a new dollop of crap several times a week. As long as I don't actually have to taste it.

And while some of our conversations with theists do fall to the level of "debate" upon occasion, I see most of them as a free-for-all. I certainly don't give much though to applying the rules of logic, etc. in my discussions with theists. That would be cheating.

Besides, I get to let my imagination run wild about my various atheists friends here as well. I get to picture each and every one of you as not only intelligent, but incredibly good looking. And I get to imagine that each of you is on the verge of winning a Nobel Prize for something. Because that's the kind of crowd I've always wanted to hang with.

See theists, atheists can make stuff up too!  ;D
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