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Now if Zimmerman would come out and make a statement that went something like the following, I would be sort of satisfied, except for the dead guy part:

"I feel that I shot Trayvon Martin in self defense. However, the tragic series of events that led up to his death were all my fault. I made a series of decisions, and a series mistakes, based on my paranoia and my unfounded suspicions. I partook in aggressive behavior. Since I was armed, I felt a mistaken sense of security. I confronted Tryvon against the advise of the 911 dispatcher. He reacted in a way I did not to anticipate and that I was in no way trained to handle.

I failed to take into consideration the fact that different people react in different ways when confronted, and I also failed to take into consideration that he may have felt threatened by me because he perceived me as an attacker rather than a concerned citizen who was merely suspicious of him. So my aggressiveness, my lack of a professional law enforcement training, my feeling of power because I was armed and my disregard for Trayvon's rights combined to create a situatioin where I felt a need to pull the trigger and he ended up dead.

Though some say that I was within my rights to shoot him because he was hurting me, the threat he responded to was one of my making, and it is not up to any of us to decide in hindsight whether or not he was justified. We have no idea what was going through his head, and it is very easy to see ways in which he would have thought that I was a direct danger. And apparently I was, because he is dead now.

I accept full responsibility for his death. It should not have happened, and the only reason it did was because I did everything wrong."

It won't happen, of course. He's too busy making book deals and signing autographs for Rush Limbaugh and Wayne LaPierre to take the time. But a guy can wish.

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