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piano, I'm being very generic. Person A followed and hassled person B for no good reason. Person B reacted violently, for whatever reason (and was possibly justified because he felt threatened). Person A killed person B. And while I am guilty of hyperbole, I am also guilty of being bothered that such things are possible to define as acceptable.

The specifics and the law don't even interest me. I don't like that Zimmerman wasn't willing to take responsibility for erroneously killing another human, law or no law. I don't like that the racism in this country distorts both sides of the story. I don't like that I can't trust any of the sources for this story.

But mostly I don't like that someone died who didn't have to because of unnecessary and unacceptable intervention on the part of another person. Nor do I like that anyone can find a way to justify it. But apparently that's just me.
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