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As a female, I have felt intimidated and threatened many, many times in my life by random men walking near me after dark. Sometimes the men even say things that make me feel more afraid. I wonder how long it would take to repeal "stand your ground" laws if women and girls all over the country, based on their feelings,  began shooting men and boys on sight. >:(

Stand your ground was never a part of this case. 

Not only was it not tried.   It also does not apply at all.  Zimmerman was not in a postion to stand his ground.  He was on the ground under a superior aggressor who was beating him senseless(some would say possibly causing him great bodily harm). 

This whole case hinges on who started the fight.  Following someone does not count.  Had a gun never been drawn TM would probably be in jail because he was beating someone for following him.  That would be a weak self defense case.  Now all bets are off if GZ grabbed him, or hit him but facts of the case are thin there.

While I sort of understand the reasons for the jury's verdict, given the information they had, but I have to ask you this. If I followed you just because you were the wrong color, and called the police and told them I was following a suspicious person using a perceived racist remark (assuming the two of us were different races) and I tried stopping you and you, suddenly threatened, jumped me in what you saw as self defense and I shot you, you wouldn't mind?

Something has to change in our legal system so that a suspicious person like Zimmerman, who may have called him a "fucking coon", (though Zimmerman said what he actually said was "fucking cold") but that apparently caused Trayvon to go after him, and that was that. Zimmerman did say to the dispatcher a little earlier that "fucking punks" like that "always get away".

He was also told by the 911 operator not to follow Trayvon. But he did. He wasn't breaking any law, but he was demonstrating no judgment, maturity or decency. Not something to be proud of, even if he didn't also shoot the kid.

Keep in mind that Trayvon had committed no crime, and nobody but Zimmerman was suspicious of him.

There is no way to call what happened right. Unless it's okay for me to shoot you whenever I please. Because by my standards, you sound mighty suspicious.

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