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Sadly, I can't get into this too much today because I have to work. I do have time for this though:

Do I believe in a personal god? Certainly not.

An impersonal god? Well, luckily, if there is an impersonal god, it is not demanding my faith, my belief. And if there isn't, I won't be able to tell the difference. So until some sort of proof (which should be available, because an impersonal god wouldn't deliberately be playing hide and seek) shows up, I am going to say no.

I am not one to ascribe human constructs such as god-like status to everything that moves. Including the universe. If, via the laws of physics at the time, our universe poofed or otherwise came into existence, and it was entirely physical, devoid of any sort of intelligence and we are merely the result of various forces at play, I'm not in the mood to get all excited about it and worship helium or something. That, to me, is an impractical practice that has nothing to offer other than smug self-satisfaction. And I can get that just by driving past a McDonalds and not buying anything.

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