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We can't lump all vaccines together, like your doctor seemed to do. If there are people and governments questioning garadasil, you have reason to be concerned. If the same folks were questioning polio vaccines as a conspiracy, I wouldn't listen to them. But if they, like you, are willing to accept some vaccines and yet are questioning others, go ahead and do some questioning right along with them.

The fact that it hasn't been tested on 9 year olds is reason enough to put off the vaccine until she is 15. And in the meantime there may well be more info in either direction worthy of your consideration.

I too question big pharm and the profit motive in the medical industry, while simultaneously recognizing that some of the stuff that both drug companies and doctors do is unquestionably lifesaving and worthwhile. Having to pick and choose which stuff to believe/rely on/accept/reject is a pain in the butt. And one must always keep in mind that you cannot possibly prepare for or prevent all possible health issues your daughter might face in the future. All you can do is think before you act, gather information before you let your doctor act, and cross your fingers that you've done your best.

I do hope, for all good reasons, that your little one stays healthy. What scares me is that if medical costs rise at the same rate between now and the time your daughter is in her 60's that they went up in my lifetime, even the Gates and Buffett and Walton families won't be able to afford health care. Someone capable of sanity needs to address the disconnect between life and the reality of the health care system and its costs. And the reason for those costs. Otherwise we won't even be able to afford known useful vaccinations and polio and tetanus and other horrid things will return because nobody will be able to afford otherwise.
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