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If you find the possibility of all this ridiculous, you can only imagine how I feel about religion.
You still don't get my point.

Currently I have no interest talking about my religion or trying to defend my God.

What I am saying is "We the the universe, earth, and human and no one seem to be able to understand or explain how those were created or came into existence with bullet proof evidence."

"All we've got is speculations and theories and guesses with scientific studies and researches"

"Nothing was proven with factual evidence no matter how good they sound theories are theories not facts!"

"When you don't know for sure what causes the noise outside your house, why do you tell your kids that you know what it is and give them false information?" (e.g. the big bang theory.)

"Who cares about Banshees, unicorns, and leprechauns?"

"Isn't it more honest to just say I don't know"?

Um, the big bang theory is taught as the currently most likely candidate, not the final word. Also, those who came up with the theory predicted that the start of the universe should have created a large, detectable background radio signal, and they were perplexed for awhile because they couldn't find it. But that turned out to be because they didn't have good enough equipment back in the 40's or earlier. Once the signal was detected, it was almost exactly the frequency and strength predicted. Which sort of lent some credence to the whole idea. But nonetheless, it is a theory that could be changed by new information. And science is looking for new information daily. People are not sitting on their hands and pretending we know enough already.

It doesn't qualify as false information. It is where we are right now in our understanding of the universe. Now if you want to add an ancient god running around up there doing things down here or forking out the dough for the eternal afterlife or something, go right ahead. But if you think we don't have enough evidence for the big bang, I can pretty much assure you that evidence for the god that you personally prefer is far less obvious. Yes, you can interpret various phenomena is being in your favor, because you said so. But that, in and of itself, doesn't hold a candle to scientific observation, measurement and/or theories with strong mathematical and experimental backups. That you are trying to equate them and call them equal partners is speculation or something. Even though you are completely dependent on the old stories that you choose to believe. And completely dependent on rejecting old stories that you choose not to believe.

We who follow science understand that perfection is not an option, but that information never hurt anything. And just as we laugh at the silly things people (including scientists) believed a hundred years ago, not all of it was bunk and we couldn't possibly be where we are today without the groundbreaking work of people whose theories were eventually dismissed.

The nice thing about science is that we don't have to live in fear of any discovery. There is nothing out there that we can find that will ruin us as humans because it is too much information or information saying the wrong thing. The religious, on the other hand, have plenty to fear from science. Depending on the level of fundamentalism adhered to, new information can be inconvenient in myriad ways. Having to make up excuses for dinosaurs took a lot out of some peoples sails, and the fear that life will be found elsewhere burdens many a current believer, for whom such information would be rather inconvenient. You may have a more liberal view of religion, and think that you have less to fear from any new discoveries, but your insistence that science is low quality information and that the god thing is high quality merely belies your beliefs, not anything real and/or useful.

We can't land probes on Mars using biblical verses, we can't wipe polio off the planet using the words of Jesus, we can't solve pollution problems by reading Revelation out loud to passersby. Diss science all you want, but if the only alternative you have to offer is myth-level information with no relevance to anyone without a vivid (and limited) imagination, you aren't offering anything better.
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