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So, if I'm following it right, this verse essentially says that the proof of god lies in the fact that the universe exists. By this rationale, wouldn't it be correct to say that rainbows are proof that leprechauns exist?
We know how rainbows are formed, but we only have theories about the universe how it came into existence.

So which is more rational and honest conclusion?

a) I don't know if there is a creator of the universe because we don't have evidence on how the universe was formed or came into existence.

b) I don't know how universe was formed or created but I know there is no creator god.

Are you still teaching your kids theories as if they were facts?
Don't you think it is another way of indoctrination?

You left out a third option. Which can't be shortened to one sentence.

c )We don't know exactly how the universe formed, though we have some pretty interesting and plausible ideas based on our current knowledge of physics and other sciences. They could be wrong too, but they are based on our current understanding, which we realize will change as we research and discover those bits of reality that we can study, observe and use. We don't know if there is a creator, but so far we can't find any evidence for one nor or a need for one. And the only stories that say there is a creator are several millennia old, and based on often ridiculous tales about gardens and floods and such, and hence there is no reason, nor even any method, of taking them into consideration without doing the faith thing. And faith has a consistent policy of distorting the reality of most anyone dependent upon it. Hence adding it to science is even harder. And faith that that makes claims that are consistently outside of scientific knowledge is impossible to use as a reality check because said claims don't fit with anything except the claims that the faith is making.

Note: If you read the posts of the various atheists on this forum, you will note a noticeable consistency in our overall view of the universe, even though we sometimes quibble of little things. We atheists have come from a variety of backgrounds, and have reached our conclusion about the lack of a god or gods in various ways, but we arrived at about the same place anyway. If you read the posts of the various believers that post on this forum, you will notice absolutely no consistency in anything other than their belief in a god. That is, each person of faith that comes here as customized the concept so completely that they often post conflicting religious opinions on a variety of topics. From the literalness of the creation story to the importance of Paul or the meaning of the words of Jesus. That inconsistency is completely consistent with falsehoods perpetrated upon millions by previous millions who were duped by the millions before that. And while I have no reason to doubt the sincerity of any given believer of any faith, I also have no reason to take the time to choose which version of which religion I should swallow hook, line and sinker.

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