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OK, that's the assertion I'm talking about, which is fine, in the absence of proof we all believe in something- my point was that we should all acknowledge our belief, faith whatever you label it. Nobody can lay claim to any 'default' answer for how universes are usually created can they?

Let me ask you also, if it turned out that we were in fact alone, that the universe was just large enough to harbor a single intelligent species, would this shake your belief at all, or could you write this off as yet one more staggering coincidence?

Theists just have to have faith (which I guess is fine), then they have to run around insisting that everyone else have faith, even if it disagrees with yours. How often do atheists have to tell you: our point of view LACKS faith, it doesn't just realign it.

Faith is not a necessary component of existence at the theological/non-theological level. Well, it is for the first part, but not for those of us who don't have any reason to think there is a god. There aren't any non-gods out there demanding we have said faith.

It is one thing for you to not be able to understand how someone could possible be without such faith, fine. But please just learn to accept it. I know many a person of faith, and I know how they think and feel about their god in their day to days lives. I know about their small prayers and their wishes about heaven and many other ways that their faith affects their life. As an atheist, there is no equivalent. When my father was slowly dying a few years ago, I did not once non-pray for him, just like I didn't pray. I didn't say "He's in a better place now", nor did I say he isn't. I was relieved that his suffering was over and that was that. Not counting the tears. But in any case, it was the lack of a god that kept me from doing religious stuff during his illness and after his death, not my faith in the non-existence of a god, and not my acceptance of the generic accuracy of science as we understand things today.

A person of faith has a hell of a time accepting new information, because finding out that the earth orbits the sun mucks up their tiny, preconceived, poorly described world big time. And though the religious have, in many cases, learned to accept the scientific knowledge that flies in the face of their beliefs and their bible, they nonetheless hold on the those needed components of belief, regardless of evidence, regardless of the contradictions.

Those of us who have decided that the god stories are a bunch of bull don't need to find another case of bull to replace them. Exactly like Santa, we just say "Oh" when we find out and let it go. We don't go running to the Easter Bunny for support.

Science changes daily. Literally. New research and new findings and new theories replace the antiquated, antiquated often meaning stuff discovered last year. I'd have a hell of a time using current scientific knowledge as the basis for some sort of limiting "faith" system, because I'd either have to come up with a new faith weekly or hold to my old one and ignore all new knowledge that seemed contradictory.

I'd need faith for that. I don't have any

And that is exactly why believers need faith. They've got nothing, and they are trying to build their lives around that nothingness. When all the evidence flies in the face of what they hope to be true, they have to/get to fall back on their faith and their belief.

We atheists merely say "oh."  Or "Wow" if that is more appropriate.

If you have to have faith that we have faith, get used to us flipping you the finger every time you say it.

By the way, if it turned out that earth has the only life in the universe, I'd be surprised. But I have no faith to be shaken. I'd be astonished, but I have no faith to be shaken.

Oh yea. Where are the names we've asked for?
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