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Theism also predicts that the universe, having been made primarily for humanity, is not shared by other intelligent beings. Obviously this is very difficult to ever answer conclusively, but does the prediction still hold despite having an ear on an entire Galaxy?

Ear on the entire galaxy? Gee, I hadn't heard that the SETI people had enough funding to listen to all 300 billion stars in the Milky Way. This is great news for science! And while I'll be the first to admit that listening to the entirety of 1/175,000,000,000th of the universe will indeed provide definitive answers, I, for one, am going to hold out for, oh, I dunno, more information.

Of course, the assumption that all intelligent life forms will be beaming Elvis songs into space on a regular basis is a little presumptuous, but other than that, great observation, dude.

Additional note: A universe made primarily for humans? We can't leave our planet without taking air with us, we can't swim well enough to casually cross the oceans, we can't survive in the arctic regions with clothes, we can't live long a the higher altitudes without bringing oxygen, we can't live in the jungles without having weapons to protect ourselves from chompy things and we can't survive disease without making vaccines and/or other treatments, and it is all made for us?

For being all-powerful, he's not very good at much, is he?

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