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The following is a post by Guybrush Threepwood that he put in another thread. However, it was on the topic being discussed here and after telling him he needed to be sure he kept his arguments on any one subject in one thread, I didn't feel that I should then turn around and respond in the other thread.

it is 'meritorious' to acknowledge your personal faith, that you have no proof for that belief. that's what I'm asking you re. your belief in atheism- however strong it may be, I suppose it's a sliding scale , I'd consider myself about 85% leaning towards God- how about you? I have no problem with alternative theories, alternatives are always needed to compare, I just don't consider them very plausible

  • What is so great or meritorious about believing in something without proof?
  • I do not believe in any gods. I see no evidence of their existence so I do not believe in them. Atheism, is just that - lack of belief in gods. Essentially, compared with you Guybush, I lack belief in one less god than you on the assumption that you only accept one god and have no belief in the other thousands of gods that have been and still are worshipped.

Oh, and blind faith - accepting something without evidence - try this...

Once again, I'm saying that if you DO believe something without proof, be it God or the multiverse, it is meritorious to acknowledge that belief rather than claim supreme knowledge superior to everyone elses

My bold

Yep, I agree completely. If one believes something without proof, be it pro-god or otherwise, that then it is indeed a belief.

But what part of this do you not understand Yes, there are multiple theories about the universe, from its creation to its ultimate fate. Yes there are discussions about multiple and even infinite universes. However, most of us here merely sit back and listen, well aware of the fact that none of them can be called a really, really good theory because we don't have enough information on the subject yet. And probably won't in our lifetimes. It is not of any ultimate use to us, on a day to day basis, to know the exact specs of the universe. It is interesting, it is very human to search, it is fun to read about, it is worthy of the dedication some in science give to the question, but the answers are not there. They can't be. We're too unaware of everything to be claiming we know that much.

And many of the old theories (steady state, for instance) were as good as they could muster 200 years ago. We've only known for sure what galaxies are for 90 years or so. Please don't haul out old science and blame it on today's living atheists.

We are always at a disadvantage when a newbie theist shows up and starts talking with us. That is because it takes us awhile to figure out which version of which religion that person adheres too. You are making it twice as hard by pretending you know where we stand and reacting in a way you see as appropriate.

If you are going to diss us, wouldn't it be nicer to be dissing us for the right reasons?

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