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I can make the assumption that the only mountain at the time of the flood was Mount Arrarat and it was 5 ft tall at the time.   And there were no sea.   Because I don't know the topography at the time before the flood.  Or when it even occurred.

Fair enough. And I'll make the assumption that a lot of six foot tall people survived the flood. Especially because of the calm seas. As usual, god didn't do it right.

It is cute that you are making up even more parameters. I would love to see all the excuses for why the flood was real in one place. Sadly, christians aren't that organized. You would think that the ones who claim that the water was contained in a huge bubble above the atmosphere would get together with you 'gushing from the rocks' folks and find a way to agree on the source. Hey, its not like you don't have the perfect word of god to use as a resource. And lucky you, ignorant of how much water it would take to flood the planet, you get tocasually excuse all valid criticism and idly make up new numbers.  So that your old ones will either look a little more legit or, more likely, continue to hide your ignorance about everything real.

You understand, of course, that there are christians who claim that the water did indeed rise above the height of Mt Everest, which was 29,000 feet high then as well. You understand that there are christians who claim that the grand canyon was formed by the flood in a matter of months rather than millions of years. An accomplishment which I'm pretty sure would require more than 5 feet of water. And by the way, I'm pretty sure it would be difficult to build a 600 foot long boat whose draft was only four feet. But hey, maybe it had handles and god was holding it up.

This is a human story. Made up by humans, for humans, most likely in an effort to, among other things control the listeners. And as you are so competently demonstrating, in many cases it works.

Inconsistently though. Hence the long list of christian excuses (which which you are adding right now) about the hows and whys of such an unlikely event.

At least you are upholding the long christian tradition of covering your asses (while simultaneously insisting that "ass" is a dirty word and calling its use a sin). I assume you're proud.
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