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Do you not understand that your "scholarship" is of little or no interest to us. It is like arguing that the shade of pink on one of the "My Little Ponies" is the wrong shade, and listing the reasons why you think an inexperienced 3D guy failed to follow preset studio guidelines or something. And equally as important.

If the stories all look false and feel false and taste false, the fact that some of them are of more interest to you is irrelevant. If the religious stories of what is normally called the christian god and his kid don't match reality in any way, the specifics of the tale area of no consequence. Unless you find yourself needing to kill someone and you want a good excuse. Otherwise they accomplish nothing. The old testament is full of misinformation and most of it is just plain wrong. The mention of Egypt is about the only clue in it that the story took place on earth rather than Tatooine. The new testament, with its mysterious boy wonder, may have quite a following, but most of those enamored by the narrative are really only in it for the fanfic. And the potlucks. And that subset to which you belong, that group of solitary individuals, each with the right answer and proof all the rest are wrong, would serve humanity much more effectively if you would just get together to go out and kill all of those idiots who think we never landed on the moon.

Trying to convince a bunch of atheists that you have found the truth amongst all of those religious tomes is like trying to tell a planeload of WWF wresters and fans that you've finally perfected the male tutu and that you hope they'll all be willing to try on a free sample. Except you'll have even fewer takers here.

Short version. We just don't care. If the Jesus story can't be made the least bit believable (and it can't), the details are irrelevant. As are your studies. That you are incredulous that we're not falling all over you with praise, and that the women here aren't begging to wash your feet, indicates that you have problems reality in many ways.
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