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Without the belief in a God or in a Diety, people wont be the same. Everything would probably be in chaos. I myself would have killed so many people who were gravely at fault with me, if i didnt believe that there is unbearable punishment waiting for me if i do that besides imprisonment, prison is bearable. How Come? Coz there would be no difference between good and bad, one would be doing only acts of self preservation. There wont be any morals, like not doing to your kid what you do to your wife at night.

They ain't morals if you don't agree with them 100%. If you inherently disagree with your god about your behavior but adhere to his wishes only because he has told you that you should, then you are not moral in any sense of the word. You are merely obedient.

His hold on you may be tenuous. Your hold on reality is even more tenuous. You are one scary dude. Just keep in mind that we who are moral will still kill back if forced into a corner.

I share my morality with others. Those who don't share back get less of mine in return.

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