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You are concerned about other people.  The whole situation might be
just to get your attention.  You're that important and worth the effort.

A human would have to have quite an ego to think they are that important. And if there is a god, and he is mucking up the lives of others just to get my attention, then fuck him. I've scraped dog shit off of my shoe that was more worthy of my respect than a deity who would harm others rather than just coming right out and saying whatever he wanted to say to me. His hide and seek game just isnt that important.

Don't tell me that humans are born sinners and then assign far more repugnant ideals to your god  That make even my baddest bits and pieces seem completely frickin' benign in comparison. A god pulling stunts like that would be in no position to judge me about anything other than perhaps how snazzily I dress. And he'd be wrong about that too. By default.

If he wants my attention, all he has to do is fart in my general direction. And be visible so that I know who to blame.

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