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If you read it closely, over time you learn that many of those attributes are not actually divine revelation about what God is like, but are documented reactions by people.

On youtube there are vidios, and there are reaction vidieos, occasionally videos of people's reactions as they watch the original video.

The Bible is like that.  ALL of the descriptions are human reactions to God.   We never get to see Him directly.

So: Garden of Eden? Actual, or a human reaction? The flood story? Actual, or a human reaction to a wet weekend? Jesus? Actual or a human reaction to someone who happened to be charismatic but otherwise normal?

What value is there in reading closely (something you've asked me to do) the far from inerrant tales told by people as they reacted inaccurately/wrongly/incompently to your god?

How do you know he wants to be worshipped? The only source for that claim is written by humans. How do you  know he wants our love and adoration? The only source for that claim is from humans. How do you know he really sent his kid to save us if the only source for that story is from humans?

Of course, you used the word "many", which means that you get to leaf through the pages of the bible and say "yep, nope, nope, yep, nope, yep" to the various passages, because your electrons orbits touched by god just a little bit better than anyone else's. He loves us all, but you a bit better, apparently. Because you've got it right. You know. Insight is your middle name.

Your time might be better served by going to christian sites and straightening them out first. Then, once you've consolidated all religious thought into one coherent mass (which should be easy, given the power of your insights, etc.), you could come back here and tell us what you've done to change religion to make is both workable and believable, and hell, I'm pretty sure you'd be much more effective, because you'd have impressive bona fides and everything.

Or you can stay here and continue the biblical tradition of misinterpreting everything, the tradition of assuming that you, and only you, know the truth, the tradition of picking the stuff you like on a whim, and hope that somehow you can somehow manage to change people who think into people who don't.

Not much of a goal, but hey, have at it.

P.S. Notice how nice I was not asking you to clarify what you meant by "(cloud)" in your electron comment. So that's one less thing you'll have to make up today. Thank me later.
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