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God is interested in all humans being with Him. 


Should God visit with those who reject him?   How would that benefit them?  They would hate it.
For God to bring those who reject Him into heaven.....well.....would that be like Hell ...or worse? 

Worse than Hell......Is that what you want for those who reject God?  Isn't Hell lonely enough without
a deity you don't trust hanging around?

Interesting that your God, though interested in our salvation, is powerless to convert us. For an omnipotent being, he is somewhat lacking.

Were there actually a deity, at least the issue wouldn't be one of belief. But it is. The deity we dislike is the one invented by humans. The one that is ridiculous in every aspect and non-existent. So when we are attacking your god, what we are really attacking is the ridiculous concept and the inhumanity built into him by his creators: i.e., humans.

Omnipotent powers don't require, let alone bother with, being fickle, angry, impatient, cruel or missing.
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