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Wayne probably already knew that this was going to happen today, because he dropped a rock on his foot in 1996. But for the rest of us: apparently a large meteor or several large meteors hit the atmosphere in the last few hours over Russia (well, tomorrow, since they are on the other side of the International Date Line). Huge explosions that rumbled the ground, a factory apparently hit, people hurt by flying glass, dogs and cats living together. Came from the wrong  direction to be related to tomorrows fly-by of an asteroid. Too early too tell how bad this was. But it wasn't good.  Some are panicking, thinking it is UFO's. I'll withhold judgment on that for another three or four seconds.

Went something like this. (turn your sound down) Keep in mind that there were apparently several like this.

(Can't get video to embed. Just click the link.)


Another video:


Added: A third video:

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