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How do we know that it helps? Because they say it does? What are they comparing it too?
I think you say that it's irrational to believe something just because millions say it's true, is that so?

If that's what you say, then think of millions of people voting for politicians during election. How many have thorough knowledge about their candidate? How many believe what they heard on TV (and you know and they know all this information was paid) or from friends? And election is important decision. Are they all completely irrational?

This day and age, we voters probably are irrational. Not completely, but our expectations don't match reality enough to be useful. Sadly, since I don't like shooting people, I can't figure out any way to fix it.

To me it is like mommy kissing a little kids "boo boo" to make it feel better.
Father, actually.

I didn't raise my kids this way. I treated their injuries with compassion, but I didn't lie to them about the medicinal qualities of affection. I wanted my kids to be able to hack their arms off in a Utah canyon if they had to and walk miles for help, not sit around and wait for daddy to show up and kiss something.

I don't like the coping skills of the religious when they have to interject gods part in the incident/issue/whatever.  If you're already dealing with something that stinks, voluntarily farting adds nothing.

"God must have wanted another angel in heaven" does nothing for me.
This means that:
1. your friend is still alive, just somewhere else
2. your friend is safe with God
3. you will see him again
4. it's not your fault what happened
5. don't bother thinking "what if?" - it was God's will

The last one can be a torture for years.
Of course, there may be more.

If christianity, as you understand it, is true, you're right, I'm up a particular kind of creek without a paddle.

But dead people are no longer alive. Be they Connecticut school kids or my father or me sometime in the next decade. If life had a way of filling me with fear, I might think otherwise, but I have seen no evidence of such things (popular opinion is not an inherent hallmark indicating truth) and don't expect to encounter any between now and when I kick the bucket. I'm not a sucker for ancient stories, nor recent ones in the case of the hundreds of versions we have gotten of christianity on this site. I've got better things to do that biblically structure my paranoia. I just eliminated the paranoia and it feels much better. And more truthful.

Monolight, you mentioned the lack of "spirituality" in secular life in another post above.

Some people think that means we are missing an essential ingredient. I don't buy it.

As a non-spiritual being who is otherwise human, all I am missing is the "woo", and I don't need "woo". I can't imagine what the addition of spirituality would do to me in any positive sense. I would feel like I was f**king with my own head for the express purpose of impressing others or something. It would do nothing for me, except make me doubt my own sanity.

What would "woo" add to my life? I am happy, friendly, well-adjusted socially, responsible, kind and lots of other pleasant things.  What I lack in perfection I make up for with a sense of humor and overall pleasantness. I cannot imagine what spirituality, religious or otherwise, would add. Or could add.

I can imagine what it would subtract, however. Wondering if my just stubbed toe was a sign from my spiritual guide, whether my dead car battery was a sign from the universe, wondering if the gas I smelled at a Batman movie meant that there was going to be a slaughter 25 years later: that is not an improvement. Paranoia does not suit me.

If someone wants to be spiritual, that's fine. I have no right to stop them. They have no right to force spirituality on me. I would prefer not be be judged as someone who is inferior because I don't prostrate myself to their specific ghost/crystal/god/star/pyramid of choice. Like all other squirrely beliefs, as soon as spirituality in any form becomes a mandate, I have to fight it. And people who think that my lack of spirituality is a negative need to keep their beliefs to themselves, just as the religious should do. Or I will become negative because of spirituality.

Edit: fixed quoting errors. Oops.
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