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Why is it, I wonder, that some insist on excising a specific aspect of life and demand that all decisions be made in relation to that isolated factor, rather than keeping the situation in context? A pregnant woman is pregnant within a setting that is specific to her situation, and the factors involved are not always wonderful and exciting and full of happy anticipation. When they are not, it helps to have choices to make rather than legislation to comply with. Especially when said legislation is unbearably restrictive.

If we lived in a world with only one kind of soup, one color shirt, one size of car, one shape of house, one television station and one television show, and you wanted to say that there was only one choice when a woman is pregnant, then at least there would be some consistency in the stance. But when the people who insist that they can't afford more taxes are among those that demand every child be born, regardless of the affordability, regardless of the health of the mother, regardless of the social circumstances, regardless of the rape or incest, then I need to know why their selfishness is more important than the ability of a pregnant woman to make an important and informed choice.

Especially if, in the meantime, that person is also going to insist that affordable, nationalized health care is a commie plot. Do they not realize how many more pregnancies would be carried to term if the medical part was affordable?

People unclear on any concept shouldn't be the ones insisting that they are the most qualified to decide for others. Especially when they simultaneously insist that nobody can tell them what to do.

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