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Before we get in a big argument, I have to ask this. If scientists could predict in the mid-30's that it was possible to build an atomic bomb, and by 1945 scientists had done it, of physicists predicted years ago that we would find the Higgs boson, and we did find it, how is that equal to the bible predicting the return of Jesus 2000 years ago and nothing yet?

I don't question that humans are limited as to what they can perceive and that surely our instruments that we build to do things humans cannot are colored by said perceptions, but at least we, via science, can predict and then achieve various advances while religion continues to sit in the desert and try making striped goats by mating them in front of striped sticks. Or at least the modern equivalent, insisting the prayer works with no repeatable proof whatsoever.

Please compare your faith with the "faith" of science, which accomplishes stuff.
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