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It would hardly be a violation of our free will as to whether or not to love someone merely by our being certain of that individual's existence.  In fact, quite the contrary, it isn't even possible to love someone whose existence you are uncertain of.

The people I love get hugs, help, advice, support, compassion and other very direct benefits. And I get them back in return.

And the people that I don't love still have my compassion. If I could stop a single plane crash, or protect thousands from a tsunami, or heal even jut one person of cancer or other medical condition, I would do it whether I ever met the person/people or not.

None of this "It was ParkingPlaces will" crap. None of that "Yes, 105 people died in the plane, but two survived, it's a miracle" stuff with me.

Nobody can be so omnipotent that they decide not to use their omnipotence. And nobody omnipotent would have the gaul to apply their own high standards to non-omnipotent beings of their own creation.

If Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant were basketball gods, would they create only six year olds to play with? How could that be satisfying in any way.

If you were a god, would you create the entire universe and then restrict the inhabitants to one lonely planet? Would you create them as stone-agers and leave them primitive for thousands of years? And get pissed at their puny minds and morals?

The whole story is consistent with ancient made up religions. It isn't consistent with anything related to reality.
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