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First of all, I removed the video from this response in the interest of saving bandwidth. And besides, the reason god didn't have a commandment prohibiting christians from peeing in their own mouth was that he knew christians weren't flexible enough.

Anyway, here goes. Because the Park SHIN chose is full of wild and evolved animals:

Ok. This is going to be a walk in the park... Since u skeptics always like to answer theists by asking more questions, I shall do the same on this thread. All these questions are from me. Imagine if I had access to all the good questions, made over the years by all the intelligent theists out there... lolz... u get the point...

Let's begin shall we?...

1º Why are monkeys still here?

Thanks for starting with an easy one. This will help me get warmed up.

Nowhere in scientific literature does it say humans evolved from monkeys. The only place you will find that claim is in the writings and YouTube videos, etc. of christians. They made it up and then complain that it is silly. Of course it is silly. They made it up.

Humans and monkeys and all other current primates evolved from the same primate ancestors. That is a much different claim than the simplistic drivel parroted by the christians. You guys don't get to make up what evolution is and then complain that it isn't accurate. And I thought you guys knew better than to lie.

2º Why is the universe so complex?

This is a strange question. Where in the bible does it say "And god said: let there be complexity". I, for one, can't think of a single reason for it to be simple. However, this discussion is supposed to be about evolution, not astrophysics, so to delve into this would sidetrack the discussion.

3º Why women?

I'm surprised you're complaining, but I wonder why you didn't ask "Why men?" instead. In either case, sex evolved because it gave rise to more genetic diversity, which could, by increasing the rate of genetic change and creating more versions of the species, give the offspring (when it actually worked) a wider range of genetic characteristics, which might increase the chances of that species surviving.

Do keep in mind that something like 95% of all species that ever existed are not extinct. The genetic diversity afforded by sexual rather than asexual reproduction did not always work. And given that there are still species that procreate asexually, it might not have even been necessary. But it happened. I got to pay child support. And here we are.

You're supposed to enjoy it. Hope you can someday.

4º Why the necessity for food?

Luna moths, found in the US, don't have mouths. They live for a maximum of five days, during which time either they find another luna moth to mate with or they just have a bad life. So we don't have to have food. Unless of course we want to live a little longer than that. Living, breathing critters require food to provide the sustenance necessary to survive and reproduce.

A god could have avoided it. Evolution could not. Plants don't actually eat, of course. They rely mostly on photosynthesis to make their food. So there are ways around the eating thing.But while you may be green with envy at what the plant can do, I kind of like the option of eating junk food. Now if you want to specifically discuss the evolution of the various methods living things use to take in food, we can do that. But if you don't understand that living organisms are partially defined by being self-sustaining, and think that the fact that we eat is some sort of proof that evolution is false, you need to ask in a clearer way.

5º Why is there right from wrong/good from evil?

This has nothing to do with evolution. Other than humans, life seems to get along fine without those concepts. God people are far more hung up on the concept than we who understand that the list of human frailties is plenty long enough to include bad stuff too.

6º Why emotions & consciousness/why didn't we remain like the animals(unable to choose right from wrong)?

This wasn't a necessary component of evolution. Humans appear to have evolved into more emotional beings than ants and cows, but a)keep in mind that we have no way to test for emotions in other living creatures and b)the other critters have no way to test us by their standards. So we're guessing here. But since emotion is neither a component of evolution or a requirement, I'll let this one slide.

7º Why ability to reproduce?

See women, above. Unless that embarrasses you. If so, let me know and I'll draw you diagrams and send them via PM.

8º Why is there only one habitable planet?

Again, this doesn't have diddly to do with evolution, but if you must ask, I shall respond.

First of all, we don't know that there is only one habitable planet. Our lack of detailed knowledge about the rest of the universe prevents us from beign able to say much about this at all. There does not appear to be any reason for there not to be at least one other habitable planet around one of the 9,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 other stars. I apologize for our lack of knowledge on the subject, but he dark ages slowed progress a bit.

Second of all, I'll stop here because apparently you can't count that high.

9º Why does sex feel so good?

I'm glad you've been asking around and trying to find out about the real world. And I'm glad someone told you about this fact. Happily, we're back on subject, so I'll be glad to answer.

Think about how natural it is to walk up to a member of the opposite sex and insert a part of your body into a place in her body and inject sperm. Does that have an inherent appeal? Is that something you would really want to do some day if all you got out of it was the need to wash up?

Sex is more likely to happen more often if there is an impetus to make us do it. A free bonus, so to speak. So our nervous system and our brains evolved to reward life-creating activity. It didn't have to do this, and probably didn't in many cases. Which would explain why many species are no longer with us.

If two pairs of humans, one male and one female, identical in every other way, are stuck in bed with each other and bored silly, which pair is the most likely to mate. The pair that experiences positive feedback via climax, or the republicans? If you dn't feel qualified to answer, you don't have to

10º Why are the opposite sexes attracted to each other?

In humans, when they are attracted to members of the opposite sex, it is because they have great taste. When they are only attracted to members of the same sex, it is also because they have great taste. However, from an evolutionary standpoint, I must admit that species that were always attracted only to their own sex disappeared. So if the goal is a fun, enjoyable, long and loving relationship, it doesn't matter which sex you engage with. If you want your kind to continue, however, some have to mate with members of the opposite sex and have offspring.

11º Why do we have dominion over the animals?

Are you asking me or the grizzly bears?

Dominion over other animals is a religious thing. It is never discussed vis-à-vis evolution, because it is irrelevant to the theory. I see no reason to discuss your hangups.

12º How do you explain Polonium 218?

Well, the one scientist who thinks this is an issue won't tell anyone where he got the rocks from so that others could try duplicating his results. Kind of makes it hard to do science. So until he fesses up and tells everyone where he got his material, we're sort of at a standstill. His claims make no sense to those who could assess his work if they had a chance. So fuck you, Dr. Robert Gentry, for being such a bad scientist.

13º Why life/why didn't we remain atoms or rocks or whatever...?

Well, first of all, I saw a YouTube video that said it isn't any fun to be a rock and use the Internet, because mousing is impossible. So I, for one, am not complaining about my mobility and/or living in general. So however it happened, whee!

Now if you're asking about abiogenesis, it doesn't actually have anything to do with evolution. At least not technically speaking. Whatever caused the first life, it wasn't evolution. So again, in our discussion, you're brought up something irrelevant. Science does not yet know how life started. Note however that they also have resisted the urge to make something up and worship it.

14º Why has macro-evilution never been observed in human history?

You mean like, IRL? A crocodile turning into a duck? That kind of made up crap? Gee, could it be that evolution takes longer than a human lifetime, and that haven't yet evolved to live long enough to personally witness such changes.

On evolutionary time-scales, we are newbies, and if you narrow our existence down to the less than 200 years that we have been aware of evolution, were are frickin' newborns. Nobody in science ever said something that takes a long time could be observed easily. Yet believers walk around complaining that they don't get to watch. If you wished that all women were playboy bunnies and none of them could afford curtains for their windows, would the fact that that hasn't happened actually surprise you? You're probably upset that 12/21/12 didn't mean the end of the world too, aren't you.

Your expectations are too high, reality is too cruel. Adapt.

15º Why is the oldest tree only 4000 years old(coinciding with the flood)?

Well, first of all, you made up the 4000 year old tree. Or some other religious person that you believe made it up. Because the oldest one was almost 7,000 years old. But its okay if you rounded down a few millennia. The fragile ego of the believer is more important than the truth. But you specified "tree", on the assumption, I guess, that nothing else could live longer than a tree because trees were mentioned in Genesis so that must be true. However, other, none-tree organisms have lived longer. Most especially sea sponges growing near Antarctica that appear to be 10,000 years old.

You won't let me count it, but there are clonal plant colonies around the world that range in age from less than 10,000 years to somewhere around 200,000 years. But that is the colony living that long, not individual plants within in. I'm pretty sure you would think there is a loophole in there so don't worry about it. I'll just stick with the 7,000 year old tree claims, of which there are two: one in Norway, one in, wait for it, the holy lands. Olive trees.

16º Where are all the transitional fossils from the millions & billions & gazillions of animals & humans that were supposedly evolving over millions & billions & gazillions of years?

This is another case where creationists and other religious people don't understand diddly about evolution, so they make crap up. You guys keep thinking that one species moves to another species in a single generation. Your understanding of time is so distorted by your biblical version that you can't understand the basic concept.

If you happen to get caught in a landslide of sand and your body is trapped under it for millions of years and it is pressed by geologic forces into sandstone and some paleontologist in the year 2,000,012 finds you, guess what you'll be. A transitional fossil Because all fossils are transitional. Each one is at least a little bit different that its parents, and each one passes slightly different DNA on to its offspring, and a few tens of thousands of generations down the line the kid that pops out will have no close resemblance to your parents.

Evolution doesn't take weeks. It takes eons. Until you can understand that, you can't understand anything.

17º Why can no example be given for a single genetic mutation or an evolutionary process which can be seen to increase the beneficial information in the genome?

Mostly because christians are blind. At least to reality.

The problem with cutting and pasting from theist web sites is that you start to believe that your keyboard is telling you the truth. Of course you just had to go to a web site that added "beneficial" to the original question. Proof, by the way, that theist thinking evolves. When this question was first posed by theists, they simply asked if such a change could be seen to "increase the information in a genome". Just my luck that you went to an evolved site.

You won't like this, but one of the ways we know a creationist is ignorant of science is if they ask this question. Either version. Because there are gobs, as in a whole frickin' lot, of examples that demonstrate precisely that. Creationist chose to misquote Richard Dawkins to earn themselves brownie points with their fellow non-knowers, while those of us who actually passed third grade science know otherwise.

I could give you all sorts of examples, but since you're hung up on women, how about this one. I'll give the link at the end, but in essence several species of bacteria have evolved to be able to eat nylon. And survive off of it. Being as nylon was first produced in 1935, obviously these critters have evolved since then. And though it probably pisses off everyone who depends on nylon for one reason or another, the bacteria themselves get another source of food. Hence it is beneficial.


Other examples, if you're going to go all scientific on me:


18º Can someone document just one 100% verifiable transitionary fossil that proves that one species actually changed into another completely different species?
Now if you mean completely different species, like from kangaroo to tulip, I'm sorry. Can't do that. It never happens. But if you mean something like when poliploidy happens, a doubling of the number of chromosomes in each cell, which can happen naturally (which means more information, something I just discussed in the previous question, rears its ugly head again). The resulting plant cannot back breed with its parental plant, but can breed with other polyplidal plants that have the same genetic change. It becomes a new species. We can even do this in the lab.
19º What about the population problem with evilution?

If you can't spell it, I have a hard time answering it. You sort of need to specify what problem you're talking about. Are there too many Portuguese, or too few, or what?

20º How did new biochemical pathways(which involve multiple enzymes working together in sequence) originate?

You know, the other keys on your keyboard can be struck in random order and used to record original thoughts. You are not limited to just cutting and pasting.

You don't know what you're talking about here, which makes it hard for me to give an answer which you will find meaningful. Of course that applies to most of your post, but it is starting to get a bit extreme.

I am sure that there are many theories. I am sure I could google the question and get lots of links to paste. But the problem here is that you and your ilk are so determined to prove to yourselves that evolution is impossible that you refuse to look at the various pieces of proof that we have. Instead you hone in one something that "just doesn't make sense" of "seems highly improbably" and relabel it as proof positive that some tiny little detail couldn't possibly have happened, thereby negating the whole theory in one fell swoop.

Only in your own heads, but that's good enough for you.

Until you can prove to me that you have at least a layman's level of knowledge about what the above question means, I am not inclined to look up the answer. I've no doubt there is one, but I don't know if I can word it silly enough for you to believe it.

21º How do you explain the Fibonacci sequence/the number "e" & the number Pi?

I was just talking about this the other day with my year and half old grand nephew. He giggled a lot, but I'm so old I forgot how I put it. So you're out of luck. Unless you can tie this question into the topic of evolution, which is what I thought we were talking about. If we extend this discussion to cover every reality in the universe you will find yourself further over your head than you ever imagined possible.

22º Why do all humans, at least once in their life, wonder about a supreme being?

First of all, also not an evolution question. But, do you suppose it is because people from previous generations brought it up over dinner or they saw it on a YouTube video or they read all about it on a bumper sticker? You want it to be because you think that since there must be one, such thoughts are inevitable.

Besides, I'm pretty darned sure there have been at least a few folks who lived their whole lives without thinking about it. I give the question thought, from time to time. Not about whether there is one, but instead asking why so many people believe such an obvious untruth. Anyway, this has nothing to do with evolution. So I'm not going to worry about it unless you can put it into a relevant scientific perspective.

&... BAM! Poor little skeptics... I am so very sorry for this. I didn't want to create this thread, lest I should embarass you. But hey! u should have thought about that beforehand. Ever heard the saying : "be careful what u wish for?" haha


PS : I, & only I, will decide on the validity of each person's answer. I wasn't going to create this thread but since someone clearly wanted to be embarassed, I shall create this same thread on the other 2 forums. I have a feeling this thread will remain at the top of the list for a looong time... I'll understand, if from now on, all the heathens of this forum hate me. &)

Have a good one skeptics 8)

You're like the guy who got hit by a train and asked "Is the locomotive okay?"  No, none of your alleged questions, about evolution or not, threw me for a loop. You have demonstrated a complete lack of knowledge on the subject and that all the information you do have is both false and supplied by those religious folks you trust.

If you would put just 10% of the energy you have put into the 144,000 guys thing you are so sure is true into learning something about the science of evolution, you could have an intelligent conversation about it. As it is, were it not for high profile web sites and other dodgy sources, you wouldn't even know the controversy exists. You would have your bible story and nothing else and be perfectly content.

I myself could reach a similar state of ignorance with the help of a full prefrontal lobotomy and a massive stroke. Wish me luck.

I would have answered your questions with much more serious a tone had you asked them in one. And I would take the conversation much more seriously if you had put actual effort into your post here. I should warn you, you can't cut and paste your way through life.

And oh yea, one of the reasons we eat is to feed our brain. This would be a good time to ask why you aren't hungry.

Oh, and you don't get to decide who won. Reality does. And since you have no contact with it, I think the prize goes to me.
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