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God has been a bit more quiet during these 2000 bcz his people(jews) rejected Jesus. Yes He obviously knew they would reject Him, but He still had to show us how angry He was with the decision to kill His Son. They had rejected the Light & therefore The Light rejected them until 1948 when Israel became a nation again in one day! Just as it was prophecied :

Petey tried and failed, so I'll try.

If Jesus had died in his sleep at age 85 after a long and wonderful life, would he have died for our sins, which we were already guilty of because of the Adam and Eve thing? Is that what you would be saying: that Jesus died in his sleep for our sins? Of course not.

So God, as you say, knew we would reject (kill, which seems a bit extreme) him. He planned for it. Which makes the whole thing a scam. He knew, yet he still got angry. What kind of superior being plots such dastardly deeds and then still gets angry? What a dork.

In North Korea, if you commit a crime and are sentenced to their version of prison, your next three generations are also imprisoned. Punished for your crime. They serve time with you. If it is a life sentence, your great great grandchildren will be the ones released. I take it you think this pretty darned fair, because it is a much milder sentence than the Adam and Eve dead Jesus thing. Which is for every frickin' generation ever. Even those who were never told about it.

But fair isn't a quality of your god. Omnipotence takes up so much room that nothing else will fit, I guess.

Anyway, for the story to work, it requires three elements. Original sin, Jesus getting zapped and a crapload of guilty people quivering in fear. You catholics are providing the latter. But only makes sense (in a masochistic sort of way) if it is real.

You want a god who planned thousands of years in advance for the suffering of the very people he brought into existence. He plotted with himself to induce error so he could complain about it. He tampered with evidence, killed off witnesses, complicated everything by introducing different languages, picked favorites, gave bad instructions, let folks wander around lost for ridiculous periods of time, feared iron chariots and inspired stories that don't hold water. And you love this guy?

I know, you think I'm going to hell for sure. Well, if your god is real, let him strike me dead before I finish this sentence. Well, here, I'll give him another chance. Nope. I'll type a longer one so he'll have the time required by an omnipotent being to actually accomplish zapping me via any convenient means and I'm running out of things to say so he'd better hurry up but oh well, I guess he's a lazy fuck so I'm ending this one right about now. See, I'm still alive.

But there is a hell. I know this for sure. It is the state of mind introduced by religion; the one where it scares the crap out of its followers and demands their allegiance and in general sanctifies dickishness. You may enjoy it, but inquiring minds know better.

If, on the other hand, humans evolved, and lack perfection simply because there is no reason for evolved beings to be perfect (since it is not a requirement of evolution), then our flaws, including those of dishonesty and stealing things and such are simply built in to us. Which would explain why people are sosmetimes bad, without having to evoke gods and such.

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