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For undeniable/extensive proof that we are indeed living in the end times, please refer to my signature link. Scroll down until u see : "The END is almost here... Get serious NOW! 2011-2020! Are you ready?"

Okay SHIN. I've been listening to people tell me the end is near since Garner Ted Armstrong in the late 60's. It isn't. And when 2021 comes around and JC is still a no-show, remember this.

I am an atheist. I am telling you right now in 2012 that Jesus will not return by 2020. I know this. For a fact. So, when he hasn't come back by the date you predict, remember that you were told he wouldn't by an atheist. And when he doesn't return, ask yourself why you thought he would.

Laugh at me all you want. Tell your kids and grandkids about the crazy atheist who thinks JC won't be coming back soon. Giggle over lewd discussion about my fate as a non-believer. But when 2020 is over and he still isn't here, at least give thought to the possibility that the reason I knew he wouldn't is because I know that he never existed. Nor did your god.

I don't know your age. But I hope you have a long and prosperous life. However, at some point you will die. And if it is an event that you are at least slightly aware of, you will be perplexed as to why JC didn't return while you were alive. This will make no sense to you. But then, if you are not too senile, remember this. An atheist told you he wouldn't.

What do I know that you don't? That he isn't real.

The same applies to your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren, on down the line ad infinitum.. Tell them that a crazy atheist said that Jesus would never return. Laugh until your belly hurts. But after your descendants live their long and happy and prosperous life that I hope they do, they too will at some point be on their deathbed. And they too will be able to remember that an atheist, way back in 2012, told their dad/grandpa/great grandpa (again ad infinitum) that JC would not come in their lifetime either.

Hope all you want. It isn't possible. And an atheist told you that. Right here. Right now. In 2012.

Don't die wondering why nobody gave you the right information. Because I just did.
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