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Well, I'm such a nice guy that if only 144,000 are going to get in, I'd rather not take someone else's place.
?? I'm not a JW.

Forgive me. I wasn't accusing you of that but your Facebook page includes this:

By one of the 144.000 : Have you sinned? Have you broken the commandments of the FATHER? Know this My son : All who have ever lived have broken them. None are righteous in all the world... No, not one. This is why I was sent. I became man, a man without sin, who is in the FATHER & who the FATHER is in. I gave of Myself in all humility, relinquishing My glory & power that is all together as GOD, to suffer & die for you! I know you & have always known you. Have understanding : I am your FATHER who gave of His life for you, so the penalty of your sin, which is death, would be paid from now and forever. I then rose again the third day, forever putting your sin & your death beneath My feet. You only need accept this gift, of which there is none greater, & return that love through obedience. I, the CHRIST & King, am the Way to the FATHER, the Word of Truth, & in Me is life eternal. For from Me were you first made alive, & by Me, only, shall you be made alive once more, because of My sacrifice that separates you from sin, which leads to death.
By one of the 144.000 : Repent for all you have done, crucify your life daily, humble yourself before your GOD, in My name, purge yourself of all that binds you to this world... & you shall surely see the Kingdom of Heaven.
By one of the 144.000 : Repent, My people, & give Me glory! CHRIST JESUS is the Way, the Truth, & the Life! Do not just say you know Him, live in Him!... Yea, abide in Him.
By one of the 144.000 : Even so, little ones, the Lord is not without mercy. I wish that all come to repentance & none are lost. My will is that you come to know My love, the love which is fulfilled in CHRIST JESUS, the Lord.

And the only reference I've heard of regarding that number is the limited number of seats available in heaven, as per some believers. If it has multiple meanings, like everything else in the bible, by all means fill us in.
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