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I agree with Garja. Welcome.

God has taught you a lot of things, but not about paragraphs. So here's just a tiny hint. Rants are easier to read in smaller pieces. Here, I'll give you an example.

Since some of us were short to you, I don't blame you for going postal on us. I disagree with everything you say, but hey, we can't all be the smartest person on the planet.

You make a lot of assumptions, but I'm guessing belief sort of limits your ability, or more likely, your willingness, to look outside the box. We atheists tend not to be quite as terrible as you think. In fact, with one or two exceptions, we're not terrible at all. And when we rant against your god, that is in jest, since he doesn't exist. Now we rant against believers from time to time. You know, like at least once a minute. But not as individuals (not counting the Westboro crowd) but as followers. I certainly know and am friends with my share of very christian people who are good to the core. They're just way off base in the belief department and some of them can get a little charged up over the suggestion that they might be wrong.

Our differences are to be expected. You've chosen the expertise of some church or variation thereof, we've chosen the expertise of science and research and learning and openness and exploration. Oh, and modesty. We've got lots of modesty. So obviously, given the divide between the two schools (I'd say "two schools of thought" but it doesn't apply in both cases) is bound to create a bit of tension, and at times words such as yours and mine and the others will be exchanged.

Now the average theist who shows up here and starts talking like a preacher is usually shocked to find out that the magic words that so effect him or her don't seem to be able to touch us. They are often agast at our immunity to the words that believers think are the most effective. Sin, hell, evil,damnation, making striped goats by having the parents mate in front of a striped stick. All just whoosh right over our head. Because the bad and the mysterious that believers see looks very different to us.

Is there a bunch of bad crap happening in the world? You bet. Some natural, some human, some just plain freaky. But we aren't quite as perplexed as believers are about the causes. Storms are caused by weather extremes, not a gay-angered lord. Earthquakes by plate techtonics. Tornados by why in the fuck wouldn't you want to get out of Okahoma real fast. So the natural stuff is just plain natural, something that is no more confusing than which way to screw in a lightbulb. You just have to think about it for a few seconds and presto, it makes sense.

The human stuff? The bad kind. The kind that results in injured or dead or psychological scarring or new paranoias or at least distrust can be chalked up to a variety of causes. Carelessness, indifference, anger, hate, power-tripping, selfishness, greed, lust and/or a bad case of gas. Some of these causes are so common that they were even mentioned in the bible. They've been around for tens of thousands of years (by the way, if you do decide to stick around for a while, a quick summary of your version of your religion would be appreciated. Are you from a specific denomination or sect. Is the bible literal? Is the earth only 6-10,000 years old? Let us know what you believe in areas like that so we don't jump to silly conclusions based on our generic view of your faith.) Anyway, that which you label "evil" stems from a complex and evolved biological creature existing in a complex social situations and with complex pressures and complex influences and complex TV remotes. To think you can get consistency, agreement, cooperation and universally accepted rules and regulations from a large population of any human group, let alone all of us, is ridiculously naïve. And the more you try to fit all varieties of humans into one box, the less chance you have of success.

Think of all the gods you do not believe in. There are thousands. We are so close to agreeing that we're only one god away from complete consensus. But I can assure you, even if  there were a god, and he were standing here on this planet, thousands of feet high and real angry, not everyone would follow his rules because we are a stubbon lot. Drop the existence of a god, add deliberate disenfranchisement, disinterest, jingoism, racism, dictators, street gangs, bad cops, people who like Honey BooBoo and/or Donald Trump, and you end up with exactly what we have.

Fixing it can't be done by pretending we have the answers. Fixing it can't be done by proclaiming some variation of one specific religion that, to date, hasn't done anyone any actual good unless you count feeling good. And even that is an illusion. So before you decide to jam your beliefs down our throat, make sure it matches with reality and has more to offer than catch phrases and collection plates. You've had 2,000 years to change the world and now that it actually is (changing, that is), you want to stop it. Just because you're not getting your way.

You may not have played cops and robbers as a kid, being as you are female. But I'm pretty sure the boys in your neighborhood ran around pointing a couple of fingers at each other and going "pew, pew, pew" as they pretended to shoot. Some pretending success, others pretending to die.

As it happens, that is christianity in a nutshell. Which is why we're not impressed.

(See, I used paragraphs. Gods gift to eyeballs! Keep that in mind should you have more to say. Ain't they beautiful?)
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