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The hard part is getting people to connect death with the problem. The NRA does not seem to see dying as an issue. They can sort of concede that some innocents will indeed die every year, but the important part is that tens of thousands of gun owners will get to shoot other human beings out of season, and that is the more relevant factoid.

If you are a gun owner, you get to picture yourself as a hero, and as you read the monthly columns in the gun magazines that detail all those wonderfully gory details regarding perfectly innocent gun lovers and their success at aerating bad guys, they get to live that exciting lifestyle vicariously. And you get to hope that you too will get to shoot some black dude walking down the street looking suspicious. What higher aspiration could any human have than to kill a bad guy or someone else who isn't like you. Its right up there with being born again, but the monthly dues are a little smaller. Though ammo costs negate that advantage.

Being kind and considerate of other humans is all well and good as long as it is convenient. Like in a chick-flick or something. But this is real life, where everyone is your enemy and danger is around every corner.That is, if you can manage to make enough enemies and irritate enough folks around the corner.

This paranoia stuff isn't as easy as it looks. Sometimes you really gotta work at it.

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