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When I give this problem serious thought, I keep concluding that we are too large a society to solve any of our truly vexing problems. The best we can hope to do is create yet another stop-gap measure that some tiny percentage of the population insists will solve the problem. And as ineffective as whatever solution that may be, it will be watered down so thoroughly by legislation that is probably makes things easier for those that cause the problem.

We are too big. Too many people, too few ideas, too many vested interests, too little concern for those who are not exactly like us. We can at times agree what to call our problems, but never about what to do about them.

The vested interest business is booming these days. It is all lawyered up and far more concerned about proving a point than accomplishing sh*t. I mentioned in an earlier post the 8,000 gun shops within easy driving distance of the Mexican border. The shops that sell a huge percentage of the guns that make it south across the border and kill so many. The NRA thinks that any additional monitoring of those shops or any additional monitoring of gun buyers in those shops, is harrassment of the highest order. They are blind to the fact that an inordinate number of gun sellers are camped there for the reason of quick profit from legal, but often nefarious, gun purchases. The NRA’s goal, guns in every pocket and members in every household, is of far more importance to them than actually solving any gun-related problem. This theme, of selfishness, self-centered righteousness, refusals to compromise, buying political power, damning all opponents and generally redefining and refining what a horses ass is, dooms everyone outside of that circle to suffer whatever it is that they define as wonderful.

Besides guns, this applies to the pharmacutical industry, the pesticide industry, the power industry, the oil industry, the agricultural industry, the auto industry, and just about every other endeavor that employees more than five people or one lawyer. Every one of these vested interests knows that they have opponents and they are often times more geared up to fight off their enemies than they are to accomplish their prime mission. The NRA, so concerned about the second amendment that they want it added to the ten commandments, complains when someone uses rights under the first amendment to speak out against that organization. The auto industry fought reduced emissions, safety features, and other governmental requirements even as lives were being saved. Pharmacutical companies insist that their high prices are caused by all the research and all the trials required by government, but the minute one of their medicines can’t make a couple of billion dollars a year for them, they stop making them, despite the fact that there are people who need those drugs to survive.

So, in short, the powerful ones, who flex their muscles and bluster around (usually in the form of press releases), know all too well that excuses are far more useful than reasons, profits are more useful than kindness, insisting is more useful than caring and that the only bad markets are fair markets.

And of course, this is exactly how they want me to feel. You know, helpless. Because it makes their job that much easier if I keep myself down so that they don’t have to.

We vote for people, then the powerful use them against us. Nothing gets done. People, including children die, and the only thing we normal folks can do is chant the words “Woe is us” over and over.

Someone tell me I’m wrong. Please.
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