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He's gone. He came back and presumably read a few follow up posts before volunteering for the Witness Protection Program or whatever it is those guys hide behind.

His CBIT crap is cute, but what process is he imagining we used? Does he really think that a bunch of people who voluntarily type their collective hearts out on the subject of atheism have doneno investigating, no thinking? Just because we don't march lockstep with him past a review stand filled with the Falwells and Grahams and Robertsons doesn't mean that we are incapable of giving thought to the whole concept. It only means that we looked at those various parts of reality that seemed relevant and reached different conclusions that him. If we are wrong, blatant accusations are not likely to be the start of a meaningful dialog or of change.

Too many christians show up here presuming that we'll be really really nice and only argue over the details of bible and that we atheists will be nice enough not to bring up anything inconvenient or awkward, like facts and stuff. Because of that, they just don't last long. Their expectations, of enlightening us with their darkness and causing a mass exodus from our obviously faulty thoughts, seem a bit optimistic, to say the least.  The next one that shows up will get this response from me.

"Hi, welcome and all that jazz.  You will not be around long because you don't appear to have the gumption or the courage to go along with your temerity and gall. Your righteousness has its time limits, in that the first time you realize that we aren't all groveling at your feet and begging for more unenlightenment, you will bug out. So, not only welcome, but goodbye."

I do hope we get some more christian newbies that do stick around. Obviously some do. But I don't think any of those that start out the way this guy did will do it. When they use religion to replace their courage, and the bible to replace their thoughts, they got nuthin'.

Edit: god made me make a mistake, but the devil showed me where I was wrong. Fixed it.
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