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Something (or some things) actually happened to create the universe. I am assuming that we are not merely figments of our imagination here. And so while science is trying to figure things out, it may well be that we will never have enough information to figure the whole thing out.

The christian book, written by people for more perplexed by reality than we are, came up with a story about how the world began. Hindus have stories in their books. People without books have stories in their cultures. A bunch of those stories are real cute, but none of them seem to match observed reality.

The "something can't come from nothing" from gotquestions.org doesn't come from the bible. It comes from human incredulity. It is an assumption based upon our early experiences and our feeble definition of "nothing" rather than a meaningful and accurate insight.

Humans are limited. We have a bad habit of increasing our limits via voluntary ignorance. Bible-botherers are particularly susceptible to stupid conclusions, because they're used to them and think such results are normal.

We humans may never figure out the truth, but I prefer trying to find it over pretending we know it.
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