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As long as belief is still required, I have no ability to get behind the concept. All the healed amputees in the world (a wonderful thing, and far more valuable than my frickin' opinion, by the way) would not convince me that there is a god if the dude still appears to be playing hide-and-seek.

Either there is a god or there is not. If there is, he knows what would convince me of his existence. He knows that this belief thing is a bunch of shit to some of us, and if he really cares, all he needs to do is change his criteria and his visibility a bit and whammo, I will know he exists. Note that I used the word "know". That is the only criterion I will accept. Knowing.

If he is going to continue to play the belief game, I will continue to not buy into it.

Gods that cannot allow for the genetic variation in humans that they presumably created are not worth my attention.

That he behaves exactly as a non-existent god may be coincidental. But I think not.
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