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This is my response to PPs comments on Obama crashing the economy.  Parking Places and screwtape are a MSNBC propaganda  tag team  and they aren't doing themselves any favors.

First of all, I hate to break it to you, but I haven't watched MSNBC since I quit traveling around on my job and living in motel rooms, which for the most part ended ten years ago. I don't have their site bookmarked on my computer, I don't give a fuck what they say. Just sayin'.

The Pew Research Center, while generally considered middle of the road, isn't perfect. They claimed Romney would win big just a couple of days before the last election. So there is no need to take their numbers as religiously correct.

Too, I have no doubt that MSNBC and others have gone downhill just as badly as Fox News. It sells. There is little reporting being done anywhere any more. Anyone relying on television for their news is only there to be entertained.

I get my news from the NYT, the BBC, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and a variety of news aggregators. I ignore all, and by that I mean ALL, stories about celebrities, sports, television, health and nutrition, cute YouTube videos, cats and anything involving anything forwarded to me by anybody. If I am driving and any of the following programs are on, I listen to the following to make sure they are still idiots: Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck.

It's dangerous. Their trillions of commercials for portapotties and stuff can put a guy to sleep. But I do it for the children. Just wanted you to know I'm not very good at being anyones minion.

My answer to Parking Places overly defensive cowtowing to Obamamania begins here:
First Parking Places thanks for providing the link to this story that I hadn't seen:

Which might even make the point better that the one I provided here:

It should be. It was four years earlier. My point was that the link you provided was treating it like breaking news, when they had been reporting on earlier. Don't they watch their own frickin' programs?

My other point was that it still wasn't actually news. What part of "junior partner doing as was told" and "he billed for less than three hours of work on the case" don't you understand?

Now, after seven days' sabbatical, I'm wondering if the hysterical Obama defenders are ready to delete my responses for a second time.  I offer that rhetorical question to the casual observers here... if they should be so fortunate as to be able to read my responses.  Before commenting, I suggest that you view the videos that make my point better than I can myself and then review this Pew Study, before going into hysterics about how wrong Wayne is to say that Obama intends to destroy the stability of the American economy and how everything on Fox is a LIE.. which is PP and screwtapes operating philosophy.

As mentioned above, I don't watch MSNBC. Do you watch Fox? Notice that their opinion/fact ratio is pretty sucky too. Not as bad, but nothing to brag about.

***Below is what got moderated out*** (because I took screwtapes threat as an opportunity to rest)  Let's see if it isn't just as true now as it was seven days ago.

Every criminal needs a good defense.   The post of mine that caused the explosion of free lance criminal defense attorney activity made a simple challenge, please allow me to quote myself:

For casual readers here that want to know the truth just do a search of two words together Citibank and Obama.  You are going to find the truth and then you will find a strident criminal defense.  Read them both and see whether I should follow screwtapes profane advice for me for being on the side of the truth.
That strident criminal defense emerged in full force didn't it? Thanks to all of you.  Obama's success is absolutely stunning and you should be proud to play your part. Now, for you that have seen the video you can understand how embarrassing it is to have to scramble around assembling that defense.  I commend you all for your passion but here's the meat of that defense:  " Obama was not the lead attorney in this suit"   oh I see, so he must not have agreed with it right?  I mean you have to give him the benefit of the doubt, not being the lead attorney and all. 

Here's a little insight into that. He likely wasn't competent. He's not really that much of an attorney, he's a community organiser.  He joined in the litigation with the intent to do what the suit sought after, but the experienced trial attorneys would do the heavy hitting. Your need to diminish his role to protect your precious leader is pathological. All your ad homonym attacks on Fox are to be expected but the report did not exaggerate the the core of the issue even if a well tuned criminal defense attorney could poke a few holes in minor details.  You guys have missed your calling.  OJ could have used you, but now look at him sitt'n in jail like he is.

Here's another part of that defense: "It's not a new story". Oh well then, then there must not be any truth to it at all, being old like that.  It's like George Washington couldn't possibly have known anything that was true. Age does take it's toll on the truth, we all know that.

I have a huge advantage over you. I am unable to hate as ardently. I am unable to blind myself with rage as well as you. I am unable to dwell on simple thoughts and consider them answers. I am unable to (nor do I need to) simplify everything for my own consumption. I am unable to be uncurious and an idiot. Which makes conversing with you quite difficult. See, I don't know any two years olds who can translate what I am about to say into a simpler language that you could understand. You'll have to find help on your end.

You have chosen to follow your party line on Obama. I dislike him because of drones, secrecy policies, his unwlllingness to let up on the republican gestapo that is the TSA, the stalinist Homeland Security department or anything else that the Bush administration did to run our country through a copy machine and make it like Iron Curtain era Russia. Obama is going along with it for reasons I will never understand. It turns out that I live in a country full of chickens, who don't realize that when Bin Laden attacked this country, he won because he destroyed it forever. We can kill 3,000 a month in car wrecks and not bat an eyelash. We can kill 3,000 every two months with guns in this coutry and nobody cares. But fly an airplane into a couple of buildings and kill that many and suddenly we have to ruin everything we ever had to exact our revenge. The country you loved in 2000 doesn't exist any more. Anyone who lives within 100 miles of a US border (including the coastline) is subject to arbitrarily being stopped by Border Patrol agents and being searched without warrant. Straight from the Bush administration. Until the courts overturned it recently, the TSA could simply take your laptop at the airport and tell you they'd return it after they checked its contents. A few months down the road if you were lucky. Obama hasn't stopped that. I have no reason to be a fan.

But I am more an Obama fan than a McCain fan (I could have tolerated him, but not two or three years of Palin as VP, after which she would have quit to write a book complaining about everyone calling her a quitter, but in the meantime would have been America's Official Bitch). Romney is so frickin' sleazy he makes Idi Amin seem like a Sesame Street character. So I support Obama because he is the lesser of evils, not because he is the greatest thing since food stamps.

I checked the Olympic records and was surprised to see that you've never won a gold medal for jumping to conclusions. But your ability to tie tiny little bits of historical fluff together and redefine them as major events is astonishing. Well, not really. You're just mouthing the words of simple people like yourself that you feel a kinship for. I call them sleaze bags, but hey, that's just me.

The Obama/Citibank thing is a grasping at straws piece of shit. You are trying to tell us that that case  alone caused the great housing collapse of 2008, even though that part of the market was less than 6% of all mortgages. I understand that numbers that don't line up with your party-line thinking are to be ignored, but I wish you would pay a bit more attention to that one, because it is small and even you can count that high. And your insistence that Obama is out to destroy the banks and such when he made Geitner Treasury Secretary is like saying the Chicago Bulls were out to destroy basketball when they signed Michael Jordan.

Get this dude. Sleazy bankers of the investment variety took advantage of a variety of legal loopholes to both wrongly approve mortgages for all sorts of people, including, and get this, white people with middle class incomes, AND by making it easier to loans to be given out (which they immediately sold to somewhat naïve investors, knowing full well that many of them would never be repaid), they drove up housing prices because there was little room to bargain in a financial world where loans were a dime a dozen. And if you can't lay at least 90% of the blame for the housing crisis where it belongs, with the 1%'ers who don't yet have enough money, then everything you are using to describe reality to yourself is a lie, and you should be a bit embarrassed about that.

And then this is always an effective element of any criminal defense, the best of ad homonym:  "It’s just a game for Fox." Just exactly what does that mean?  That doesn't matter, really because all we criminal defense attorneys  have made up our minds not to allow any credit when a source we don't like has something right.  That's a maxim of our corporate brand of evil.  A maxim someone here would like to turn into a WWGHA policy.

I'm sorry. It isn't a game for Fox News. They have to simplify everything so that their viewers will understand just enough to stick around for the ads. Not their fault.

What are you imagining WWGHA policy is. And how effective do you think it might be? Typical you. Simplify the fuck out of something then define the resulting brain fart as an insight. Where you usually have your head is a bit to dark to see anything, so don't be so impressed.

I'm going to leave the rest of the comments as they were below for the casual reader because it's all a good example of corporate dissembling all to make sure that Wayne doesn't get credit for making a point.  Remember that corporate evil I was talking about?.... You guys sure manage to cooperate with each other and you look silly doing it.  But, because you are all unified in that evil, you do accomplish some amazing things, like managing to re elect a destroyer instead of a repairer like Romney.  (This kind of thing was his private sector, Gubernatorial  and Olympic specialty by the way).

Yep, he fixed the Olympics. With a big bailout from taxpayers:

McCain Called The Amount Of Federal Money Going To The Olympics “A National Disgrace” And Said There Should Be “A Federal Investigation” While Romney Defended The Federal Funds.  McCain: “But you’ve got well over $1 billion that’s just a rip-off of the taxpayers, and, you know, is really a national disgrace…Actually, there should be a federal investigation.” ROMNEY: But Senator McCain, I believe, raises a very good question.  What should the role of the federal government be with regards to the Olympics?  Should it provide the security? Should it provide the highways and bridges necessary to get people to venues? In my view, the answer is, unequivocally, yes.” [CBS Evening News (6:30 PM ET) – CBS, February 9, 2002]

Makes you proud when one rethuglican wants to investigate another, doesn't it. Like old times. Like when Nixon had his peeps break into the Watergate looking for evidence that the democrats knew he had interfered with the Vietnam Peace Talks in order to get elected:


And the Cheney leading Bush by the nose team got us into Iraq on false pretenses. A million dead and you're worried about some bankruptcies due to one barely relevant court case in the 90's.

Here is the Bush administration in action:
But you like it when republicans fuck up. Because they are never at fault.

That's called selective reasoning. You select one thing to think about and ignore absolutely everything else. And call yourself politically astute. Sorry fella, you don't get to make the decision by yourself. You're not old enough.


And then to kind of balance the whole thing after diminishing Obama's role,  the ad homomym, the hedging admission that 'errors' were made the truth comes out that as stupid and wrong as the lawsuit was, throwing innocent people into bankruptcy, you give a three cheers to the faulty reasoning that caused it by in effect saying you would have done the same thing as Obama, given the chance.  It doesn't matter if it was stupid, or wrong, or destructive, you would have been all in for it, and, that somehow reinforces your position that Fox News needs to be dismissed as just 'playing games'.

Nope, I said in my post that errors may have been made, and that we should learn from them. I didn't say we should get on our knees and pray to Obama. But I don't think any financial errors made during that court case causes the whole fucking planet to fall apart. You're giving poor people who want a house to live in too much credit here.

That video was absolutely fabulous, and makes my point so beautifully that Obama, the rising star, is fulfilling his father Frank Marshall Davis' dream  in ways "Uncle Frank" could never have imagined.  The liberal sheep just lap it up.

OKAY! I'VE HAD IT! If you are going to make an accusation, like the Frank Marshall thing, EXPLAIN IT! Tell us what you mean by that. It isn't genetically available information. It isn't common knowledge. Unlike you, I haven't been in kindergarten lately, but I don't think its in the curriculum. Is it because he lived in Hawaii most of his adult life, and influenced Obama, who wasn't born even born there as per most Tea Baggers. How did this happen? Or did you just like his dirty novel. You know, the one you hide under you bed?

The photograph is really a great one, even if the content of the book isn't as conspiratorial as the title is.  Hey, a great picture is a great picture after all.  He has just enough spunk and confidence to have enjoyed posing for it.  You know how a catchy title will attract your attention?  I hope the president wasn't disappointed that the content wasn't as useful as the cover was for him. Man I love that picture, it's got America's Idi Amin written all over it.


The picture is of an actor playing the role of Satan, it is not Obama in a hoodie. 
I just want to make that clear.

So you're admitting the book in his hand isn't as bad as you hoped but you still want to make a big deal out of it. And you've shown that you can do a little tiny bit of Internet research and you admit the satan actor photo isn't Obama, but you tossed it in anyway because you would hate to start limiting your source material to factual stuff. So you're admitting you've got nothing so you need to exaggerate. Got it. Thanks for being so honest.

And the Idi Amin stuff? He was hard on his country's economy, but he also killed up to half a million people. And he was black. Which is very convenient to you as a racist who says he isn't a racist because many racists are afraid to sound racist. There have been dozens of other prominent leaders who damaged their countries economies, but they weren't black enough for you, or disgusting enough for you, or they were too republican or white and that just didn't fit your preconceived notions about a black man that you've been told to hate. We get it. No need to bring it up again.

And by the way, the "nonsense" that screwtape edited out of my previous post was nothing more than a direct pasted in quote from screwtape, nothing more.

Is that why it qualifies as nonsense screwtape? 
You're right to be embarrassed to have me pasting in direct quotes from you. 
A decent person would apologise, so let's have it. 
It's time.  You're welcome to apologise by PM if you need to save face.

I take it that your "How to Win Friends and Influence People" coloring book hasn't arrived yet. Ask a grown up to check the shipping status. If you just knew how to interact with people without pissing them off, you'd be so much easier to talk to. But right now that is your only talent.

Which would be fine. If you were right about some of it. You're not.

I would apologize for being harsh with you. But I won't. My only other alternative was to throw my big new computer screen across the room, and I'm barefoot. Didn't want to cut my feet walking over the shards of plastic that would splatter all over the place. I trust that you understand.

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